Community of Practice across SUNY

The Open SUNY Fellowship went live on January 8th, 2014 and we have received a tremendous response from the online teaching and instructional design community at SUNY! The table below summarizes how the community of practice is spread across the many SUNY campuses, we hope to keep adding to our community and encourage you to join us if you haven’t already.


role_1_sqaure_icon_2  Interested in online-enabled education
role_2_sqaure_icon_2  Experienced online practitioner
role_3_sqaure_icon_2  Expert instructional designer
role_4_sqaure_icon_2  Exemplar, coach, and mentor
role_5_sqaure_icon_2  Innovator and/or researcher
role_6_sqaure_icon_2  Friends of SUNY