Community Members and Educational Partners

Materials and resources for members of the community and educational partners to support the preparation of teacher candidates and school leaders through the establishment of partnerships with the P-20 community.

School Partnerships: Technology Rich Classrooms and the Student Teaching Experience

Building upon an established relationship between a college and a local school district, this project formally designed a “partnership school” at which teacher candidates conduct field experience. In addition to providing these participating candidates with a clinically rich experience through closer supervision by and interaction with their faculty supervisor, the project enriched the experience of the high school English students by providing appropriate technology in the classroom and integrating it with instruction. Program implemented at the SUNY College at Oneonta detailed in academic journal article and presentation.

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Establishing School-Based Family Outreach Center

Model for establishing a Family Resource Center. The center functions as a place in a school that is set aside for the purpose of making the school accessible to families and encouraging adult involvement in children’s education. Research shows family and community involvement greatly influences student development and achievement. Teacher candidates design and run parent workshops, tutor students, conduct outreach efforts and plan events.

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