FACT2 Campus Representatives

The FACT2 Campus Representatives is made up of up to two representatives from each SUNY campus, one from the teaching faculty and one from professional staff. Large or multiple location campuses have the option of additional members by petitioning the Council. The Council will grant additional representatives at its discretion.
 Name Role Campus Campus Sector
Ms. Danyelle O'BrienInstructional SupportAlfred State CollegeTechnology Colleges
Mr. Mark BloxsomFacultyAlfred State CollegeTechnology Colleges
Ms. Trudi E. JacobsonFacultyAlbany, University atDoctoral Degree Granting Institutions
Mr. John ZelenakInstructional SupportAlbany, University atDoctoral Degree Granting Institutions
Mr. Paul McLeanInstructional SupportAdirondack Community CollegeCommunity Colleges
Dr. Frank BellFacultyAdirondack Community CollegeCommunity Colleges
 Name Role Campus Campus Sector