Developing a Tech Hub to Promote the Use of Geographic Information System Technology across SUNY

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Principal Investigator: Mary Perrelli, Buffalo State Geographic Information Systems are an important emerging technology with broad application across many disciplines. SUNY has a site wide license for ESRI software, the leader in GIS technology, however these resources are currently underutilized. This project will develop a GIS Tech Hub to leverage shareable resources across campus, foster intellectual collaborations, integrate emerging technologies, and provide research support and training to students, faculty and local professionals. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Wende Mix, Associate Professor, School of Natural and Social Sciences, Geography and Planning Department, Buffalo State Kelly M. Frothingham, Chair and Associate Professor, School of Natural and Social Sciences, Geography and Planning Department, Buffalo State Reports and Resources: Mid-project report

Ecology and Earth Science Virtual Field Experiences OERs: Expanding Access to Field-Based Research Techniques for Students at a Distance

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Principal Investigator: Nathan Whitley-Grassi, Empire State College We propose to develop and share six ecology/earth science virtual field experiences as OERs, based on the need to develop resources and expand access to scientific field-based research techniques for students learning at a distance or with other barriers to access. The OERs will consist of a series of broad and adaptable field activities supplemented with handouts and videos from the field site to provide immersion online. Our goal is to provide students with research skills needed to increase competency in the field after graduation by engaging them in common research techniques and methods for data collection and analysis. In an effort to ensure quality, each OER will be reviewed and examined for quality and accessibility. Importantly, these OERs will be part of the larger SUNY community as a resource in an online repository in the SUNY Learning Commons (SLC) that could be utilized by future Open SUNY programs. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Audeliz Matias, Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator in Science, Center for Distance Learning, Empire State College Kevin Woo, Assistant Professor and Faculty Chair, Empire State Colleges Reports and Resources: Mid-project report

Collaborative Media Center

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Awarded Grant: $10,000 Principal Investigator: Samara Smith, College at Old Westbury The Collaborative Media Center at SUNY Old Westbury expands on a successful proof-of-concept pilot funded by a 2013 tier one IITG. The Center’s mission is to support digital literacy and the use of emerging media tools in teaching, learning, and communicating at Old Westbury and in the community beyond. This mission is fulfilled by collaborating across disciplines and with community partners to support community-engaged and research-based student media projects. Digital projects are supported through the Center’s ongoing testing of open digital tools, the creation of online resources, and the offering of individualized online and face-to-face support. This model, designed to promote life-long digital literacy, provides a blend of online tutorials and individualized support until learners develop the confidence to master new technologies independently. Digital literacy is essential for job readiness and democratic civic engagement. Old Westbury, as the most diverse SUNY, is uniquely suited to host this digital divide initiative, an important area of focus across SUNY, as online learning is expanded. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Laura Anker, Distinguished Service Professor of American Studies and Director of the First-Year Experience and Community Action, Learning and Leadership (CALL) Programs, Old Westbury Niev Duffy, Director of the Center for Social Policy and Community Engagement, Old Westbury Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, Executive Director, Long Island Wins Reports and Resources: Mid-project report Project outcomes report

DCrit: Digital Critiquing Platform

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The “Digital Critique Platform” (DCrit) innovates traditional critique processes and facilitates program-level review and assessment. DCrit accepts submitted projects for critique; assigns participating faculty, professionals and peers to conduct rubric-based critiques of specific student projects; and distributes critiques to participating students. The platform will support a program-wide portfolio of student projects to serve assessment purposes. DCrit supports synchronous and asynchronous, and online and in-person critiques, expanding critique possibilities beyond the traditional synchronous, face-to-face model. DCrit will capture and archive both student work and critical assessments in a single database, facilitating the review and assessment of both individual-level and aggregate-level progress towards specific educational objectives.