Open Media Lab

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Awarded Grant: $10,000 Principal Investigator: Laura Chipley, SUNY College at Old Westbury Open Media Lab will expand multimedia production teaching and learning through the creation of an online multimedia production lab. The Lab will be a public website on SUNY Commons and will consist of a series of open educational resources in the form of video and text tutorials. To support replication, these flexible modules will be easy to embed in any LMS. Tutorials will cover the basics of audio recording, moving and still image capture, editing and distribution. This project will expand access to the tools of creative, multimedia production, making it possible for any student, in any location with a smart phone, PC and Internet access to create videos, podcasts and interactive multimedia projects. This access will allow educators, across the disciplines, to expand the number of students exposed to the skills and norms of production thereby closing the digital divide and the participation gap while expanding digital literacy. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Professor Smith, Director of the Collaborative Media Center and an Assistant Professor of video and new media, SUNY College at Old Westbury Reports and Resources: Mid-project report

Developing a Common Online Mapping Platform for Interdisciplinary, Place-Based Undergraduate Research

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Principal Investigator: Colleen Garrity, Genesee Community College This project aims to develop and sustain participation in a common online mapping platform for interdisciplinary projects focused on content-rich, place-based undergraduate research in the Genesee River basin. The project establishes pathways for faculty and student participation and collaboration in GIS across disciplines, creating and supporting a community of practice that integrates mapping with place-based learning opportunities. The project also seeks to identify a fundamental technical means of integrating GIS software capabilities with web authoring software in order to easily create and share maps online. The development of this proof-of-concept collaboration and simultaneous IT multimedia integration can serve as a model for undergraduate research and technology integration for other oft-overlooked rural areas or ecoregions. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Ken Cooper, Associate Professor of English, SUNY Geneseo Kristina Hannam, Associate Professor of Biology, SUNY Geneseo Elizabeth Argentieri, Special Collections Librarian, SUNY Geneseo Reports and Resources:

Collaborative Media Center

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Awarded Grant: $10,000 Principal Investigator: Samara Smith, College at Old Westbury The Collaborative Media Center at SUNY Old Westbury expands on a successful proof-of-concept pilot funded by a 2013 tier one IITG. The Center’s mission is to support digital literacy and the use of emerging media tools in teaching, learning, and communicating at Old Westbury and in the community beyond. This mission is fulfilled by collaborating across disciplines and with community partners to support community-engaged and research-based student media projects. Digital projects are supported through the Center’s ongoing testing of open digital tools, the creation of online resources, and the offering of individualized online and face-to-face support. This model, designed to promote life-long digital literacy, provides a blend of online tutorials and individualized support until learners develop the confidence to master new technologies independently. Digital literacy is essential for job readiness and democratic civic engagement. Old Westbury, as the most diverse SUNY, is uniquely suited to host this digital divide initiative, an important area of focus across SUNY, as online learning is expanded. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Laura Anker, Distinguished Service Professor of American Studies and Director of the First-Year Experience and Community Action, Learning and Leadership (CALL) Programs, Old Westbury Niev Duffy, Director of the Center for Social Policy and Community Engagement, Old Westbury Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, Executive Director, Long Island Wins Reports and Resources: Mid-project report Project outcomes report

Enriching Teaching Field Experience Through Technology

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Awarded Grant: $9,700 Principal Investigator: Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs, SUNY Oneonta This project builds upon an established partnership school relationship between SUNY Oneonta and a local school district, where a team of two education students will engage in a field experience over the course of one year, which includes use of technology in instruction. In addition to providing these participating pre-service teachers (students) with a clinically rich experience through closer supervision by and interaction with their faculty supervisor, the project will enrich the experience of high school English students by providing appropriate technology in the classroom and integrating it with instruction. The project gives student teachers and educators the ability to collaborate upon and refine lesson planning and delivery, efficiently and effectively meeting the requirements for pre-service teacher assessment established by the edTPA teacher performance initiative (see , and is broadly applicable to teacher education programs across the State. Reports and Resources: Final project report Article in Journal of Educational Technology Systems Mid-project report Project outcomes report Creative Commons License: