SUNY Impact: Designing and Validating a Research-Based Model for Online SUNY Teaching (MOST)

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Awarded Grant: $29,000 Principal Investigator: Randy Yerrick, University at Buffalo Abstract: Using advanced statistical analyses of existing online learning data from the SUNY Learning Network, UA/UB will draw insights to develop a new introductory course for Teaching Online in three research-based online modules. We will collect and analyze data evaluating their learning and following enrollees into their first online teaching, supporting them and measuring course effectiveness. This longitudinal study of SUNY online learning will create evidence-based feedback for improving module quality, leading to signature Models of Online SUNY Teaching (MOST!). This evaluation process will be used in additional 1-cr-hr research-based modules created and offered by UA/UB, targeting emerging needs of SUNY online teaching faculty. SUNY faculty taking the initial module will receive a 3-cr-hr head start for UA/UB online certificates in online education. The required capstone inquiry project would direct research on the impact of SUNY MOST on subsequent students, creating sustainable inquiry to generate ongoing improvements. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Robert Bangert Drowns, Dean, School of Education, University of Albany Ming Chiu, Professor and Associate Chair, Learning and Instruction, University at Buffalo Christine Kroll, Director, Online Education, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo Suzanne Miller, Professor and Chair, Learning and Instruction, University at Buffalo Peter Shea, Associate Professor and Vice Provost, Educational Theory and Practice, University of Albany Yik Ting Choi, Statistician, University of Hong Kong Reports and Resources: Mid-project report Project website

Enriching Teaching Field Experience Through Technology

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Awarded Grant: $9,700 Principal Investigator: Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs, SUNY Oneonta This project builds upon an established partnership school relationship between SUNY Oneonta and a local school district, where a team of two education students will engage in a field experience over the course of one year, which includes use of technology in instruction. In addition to providing these participating pre-service teachers (students) with a clinically rich experience through closer supervision by and interaction with their faculty supervisor, the project will enrich the experience of high school English students by providing appropriate technology in the classroom and integrating it with instruction. The project gives student teachers and educators the ability to collaborate upon and refine lesson planning and delivery, efficiently and effectively meeting the requirements for pre-service teacher assessment established by the edTPA teacher performance initiative (see , and is broadly applicable to teacher education programs across the State. Reports and Resources: Final project report Article in Journal of Educational Technology Systems Mid-project report Project outcomes report Creative Commons License:

Collaborative Media Lab Pilot

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Principal Investigator: Samara Smith, SUNY Old Westbury This project will pilot a Collaborative Media Lab with the mission of creating resources to support digital literacy and the use of emerging media tools in teaching, learning and communicating at Old Westbury and the community beyond. The Lab will use a collaborative, train-the-trainer model to empower students and faculty to become successful, life-long media learners and to share media skills with one another, our community partners, and the public. Digital literacy is essential for job readiness and democratic civic engagement. Old Westbury, the most diverse SUNY, is uniquely suited to pilot a digital divide initiative, an important area of focus across SUNY as online learning is expanded. This pilot will focus on integrating digital literacy across the curriculum; sharing relevant resources and outcomes publicly; and investigating how to expand and scale future resources based on the pilot assessment. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Dr. Laura Anker, Distinguished Service Professor of American Studies and Director of the First-Year Experience and Community Action, Learning and Leadership (CALL) Programs, SUNY Old Westbury Dr. Niev Duffy, Director of the Center for Social Policy and Community Engagement, SUNY Old Westbury Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, Executive Director, Long Island Wins Reports and Resources: CIT 2014 presentation Project website Collaborative Media Center Earns SUNY Grant for Innovative Instruction SUNY Old Westbury gets $10K for media center Mid-project report Project outcomes report Creative Commons License:

A Virtual Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (VIAL) for Buffalo State and Open SUNY

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Awarded Grant: $10,000 Principal Investigator: Dr. Jinseok Heo, Buffalo State College This project will develop a Virtual Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (VIAL) for Buffalo State and SUNY campuses. Thanks to a newly built science building, the Department of Chemistry at Buffalo State is now equipped with major up-to-dated analytical instruments for use in advanced chemical analysis, forensic investigation, and materials characterization. We will examine how we might help students and others learn to successfully collect and analyze data obtainable on our analytical instruments. The VIAL platform will initially be used to provide online-based experiences for those who need training before they actually use an advanced instrument. We will assess the effectiveness of the VIAL for students’ gaining knowledge and skills in using the analytical instruments. Furthermore, we will also try to demonstrate that the analytical instruments can be remotely controlled, so that off-campus users can directly benefit from our advanced facilities. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Dr. Alexander Nazarenko, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Buffalo State College Dr. M. Scott Goodman, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Buffalo State College Dr. Jaime Kim, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Buffalo State College Reports and Resources: Project outcomes report Project outcomes report 2.0 CIT 2014 presentation 2014 IUCr Conference presentation Mid-project report Tutorial videos on how to use analytical instruments were created and used in several undergraduate classes. Raman tutorial 01, Thermo DXR Raman basics Raman tutorial 02, How to use OMNIC1 Raman tutorial 03, How to use OMNIC2 Raman tutorial 04, How to use Atlus Raman tutorial 05, How to use MCR How to use Brucker Avance III 400 MHZ NMR How to use Agilent GC 7890A How to use Agilent GC-MS How to use Shimadzu GC2014 Creative Commons License: