Creating Mobile “Makerspaces” to Support Experiential Learning

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Principal Investigator: Dana Antonucci-Durgan, Suffolk County Community College This project will investigate how mobile “makerspaces” enhance student learning through informal experiential opportunities while furthering student engagement. “Makerspaces” are areas set aside for individuals to explore, tinker and create with technology such as laser cutters, welding equipment, 3D printers and robotics. With space at a premium in academic libraries and throughout college campuses, this project will design and implement a mobile “makerspace” concept that would allow libraries to implement a “makerspace” with minimal space requirements. The mobile “makerspace” will concentrate on providing informal experiential learning opportunities in 3D printing and video production to college students. A 2011 Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCSSE) study found that 85% of students surveyed had never participated in an experiential learning assignment such as an internship or co-op. This project will implement a mobile “makerspace” that will provide students with informal experiential learning opportunities such as 3D modeling and printing, and video production. This project will pilot open workshops on video creation and production and 3D printing. Students will have hands on experience with standard equipment used in the industry. The project will assess the effectiveness of mobile “makerspaces” on student engagement and discovery while also outlining best practices for creating the unique learning space on college campuses. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Susan Wood, Instructor of Library Services, Suffolk County Community College Paul Turano, Professional Assistant I, Library Media Services, Suffolk County Community College Troy Hahn, College Associate Dean, Office of Instructional Technology, Suffolk County Community College Edward Hassildine, Specialist II Damon Vogel, Professional Assistant II, Educational Technology Unit, Suffolk County Community College Reports and Resources: Final project report How to create a mobile makerspace SUNY CIT 2015 Poster Presentation Abstract Project website Mid-project report Creative Commons License: