Developing a Common Online Mapping Platform for Interdisciplinary, Place-Based Undergraduate Research

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Principal Investigator: Colleen Garrity, Genesee Community College This project aims to develop and sustain participation in a common online mapping platform for interdisciplinary projects focused on content-rich, place-based undergraduate research in the Genesee River basin. The project establishes pathways for faculty and student participation and collaboration in GIS across disciplines, creating and supporting a community of practice that integrates mapping with place-based learning opportunities. The project also seeks to identify a fundamental technical means of integrating GIS software capabilities with web authoring software in order to easily create and share maps online. The development of this proof-of-concept collaboration and simultaneous IT multimedia integration can serve as a model for undergraduate research and technology integration for other oft-overlooked rural areas or ecoregions. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Ken Cooper, Associate Professor of English, SUNY Geneseo Kristina Hannam, Associate Professor of Biology, SUNY Geneseo Elizabeth Argentieri, Special Collections Librarian, SUNY Geneseo Reports and Resources:

Improving student’s three dimensional visualization skills using an augmented reality sandbox

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Principal Investigator: Scott Giorgis, Geneseo Students often struggle with the 3D visualization skills necessary to reduce a 3D data set (landscape) down to a 2D, flat expression (paper topographic map). The augmented reality sandbox bridges the gap between 2D and 3D visualization by projecting a topographic map onto a landscape created in a sandbox. As that sandbox landscape is altered, the topographic map dynamically adjusts in real time to match the landscape, giving students the opportunity to discover how to read topographic maps on their own. We propose to construct two augmented reality sandboxes and develop the curriculum to deploy them in both introductory and upper level courses. Moreover, we will expand upon the augmented reality sandbox open source code to incorporate aspects of geologic map visualization. Potential student gains in 3D visualizations and/or topographic map reading skills will be quantitatively assessed and materials will be shared both nationally and within the SUNY system. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Kirk Anne, Assistant Director, Manager of Systems & Networking, Computing and Information Technology (CIT) Nancy Mahlen, Instructional Support Specialist, Department of Geological Sciences, Geneseo