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Materials Matter: Integrating Science and Aesthetics for STEM Education

Dr. Hilary Becker

Project Team
  • Dr. Gokhan Ersan, Assistant Professor of Art and Design, Binghamton University
  • Dr. Louis Piper, Associate Professor of Physics, Binghamton University
  • Dr. Pamela Smart, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Art History, Binghamton University
  • Dr. Valerie Imbruce, Assistant Director OSRI- Division of Research, Binghamton University
  • Dr. Mark Poliks, Professor of System Science and Industrial Engineering, Binghamton University

Binghamton University


Tier Two


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Project Summary:

"Materials Matter is an interdisciplinary course that brings together lessons in chemistry, art history, classical archaeology, and design using active learning and an innovative visual language presented in an interactive app to teach students the basic concepts of these subjects as well as how they influence each other."

Project Outcome:
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Project Summary:

Develop a tool to support transfer of skills and knowledge from required first-year writing classes to courses across the curriculum and beyond graduation, which research shows neither typically nor sufficiently occurs.

Project Outcome:

Outcomes TBD