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Universal Design for Learning: Developing Tools to Facilitate Faculty Implementation and Broaden Application to Support Diverse Learners

Jacob Hall

Project Team
  • Dr. Justin Freedman
  • Dr. Carrie Rood
  • Mary Wilhelm-Chapin
  • Dr. Maria Timberlake



Tier One


Project Abstract:

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) project will develop tools to support faculty members’ integration of UDL principles in their course design. Building from prescriptive elements central to instructional design and methodologies for developing instructional design models, project collaborators will construct a procedural instructional design model that integrates UDL principles. The initial model will then be presented to faculty members for feedback and implementation.

To facilitate faculty members’ design of learning experiences with the UDL-based instructional model, the project will also provide a day-long retreat for faculty members. Morning sessions will emphasize UDL foundations and the aforementioned instructional model. In the afternoon, faculty members will form groups to analyze a course design and discuss specific strategies for implementing UDL principles. Faculty members’ evaluations of the model will then be used to revise the UDL-based instructional model, assess elements of this project, and set up opportunities for future implementation and dissemination of the model.

Project Outcome: