VINE: An Innovative Model for Collaboration between Humanities and STEM for Learning Data Science

Principal Investigator:

Bina Ramamurthy, University at Buffalo

We propose an innovative instructional model called Vine that will leverage the Digital Choreographic Lineage (DCL) project. DCL is an ongoing project of the investigators for digitizing dance data. The immediate goal of Vine is to scale-up and adapt the technology of the DCL, namely the data science process, into an instructional model. The ultimate goal of Vine is to explore the potential benefits of interaction between Arts, Humanities and STEM disciplines.

CSE111: Great Ideas in Computer Science for non-Majors taught by Ramamurthy will serve as a model course for the Vine framework. Aceto’s team will introduce the DCL concept to the CSE111 students. They will build the user-level interfaces, data-driven computations and analytics through three lab projects. The model will also include educating students about broader applications of emerging technologies, digitizing real- world systems, and developing impactful products. Vine will offer a reproducible and adoptable model for collaboration among disciplines.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Melanie Aceto, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo

Reports and Resources: