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Study Related Terms and Definitions


See Digital Badges.


A measure of the capacity of a networked connection to conduct the transfer of digital information. Some online course materials require greater bandwidth (audio and video) to be delivered and downloaded. Some institutions require that instructors and students have a specific minimum range of digital bandwidth in order to access and participate in online courses.

Big Data

Large data sets that can be analyzed and leveraged to reveal patterns and trends. Big data is mentioned in the online teaching and learning context as a key component of adaptive learning, as data exploration is integrated into learning management systems to provide access to student behavior, achievements and interactions. This information informs new opportunities to support instructor competencies and student success in the online environment.

Blended Learning

A course in which students learn in part situated in a face-to-face setting, and in part online. There is no set recipe for a perfectly blended course, as content, interaction, and assessment components will be different within different courses, and instructor preferences. The underlying idea is to match learning objectives to the best delivery medium to support student learning.