Interested in Teaching Online?

Study Related Terms and Definitions


The art, science, and craft of teaching. Pedagogy encompasses the manifestation of the practice of an individual instructor. Some research proposes that the term refers to the teaching of children only, whereas the term andragogy refers to the teaching of adults.

Personal Learning Community

Personal learning communities are made up of individuals who come together to interact and create learning experiences. Within this network, members intentionally connect in groups structured around topic areas, and participate according to their individual learning preferences.

Personalized Learning

An approach to tailoring learning to meet the strengths, needs, and interest of students on an individual basis. Unlike adaptive learning, personalized learning does not rely on the integration of technology, but focuses on engaging the student in determining the best approaches to meeting learning goals and standards.


Online exams can be proctored to ensure that students are not cheating. Students taking exams online may be proctored at assigned testing centers, remote proctors, or proctoring technology. Proctoring technology includes identity verification techniques, and/or webcam utilities. Instructors should check with institutional supports in place to determine the availability of online proctoring services.