Introduction to COIL 

This web based introduction is designed to give you an overview of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). By the end of the introduction, you should have a better understanding of COIL methodology, what COIL projects look like and how they are developed.  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, comment on your colleague’s work, and share ideas. Like most online activities, you’ll get out of it what you put into it, so we encourage you to be active and curious!

This introduction is divided into four modules with specific objectives and activities. 

Module 1: Introduction to COIL

This module will give you an overview of COIL methodology for a better understanding of how your partnership can work.  This is a high level overview to get you started.

Module 2: Creating your digital profile

For this module, we’ll look at creating on online profile aimed at finding a COIL partner for your courses. You will create an introductory video and get to know the other professors in this workshop. 

Module 3: COIL projects

Here you will get an idea of what you can do for your COIL collaboration.  You’ll be able to look at syllabi from past COIL courses, propose an icebreaker/team building activity, and give feedback on others’ activities.

Module 4: Intercultural competence

We’ll take a look at culture, frameworks for understanding culture, and supporting the development of cultural competencies with your students.

When you’re ready to start, click on Module 1: Introduction to COIL

If you have questions about COIL or about this workshop, post them under the questions column in our workshop’s Padlet.