Faculty Testimonials

Dr. Ken English, Deputy Director – Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics Technologies Community of Excellence (SMART CoE)
University at Buffalo

  • I went into the process eager to understand how recording a MOOC differed from the process of running an online course via Blackboard. Although planning and recording lectures took more work in advance, the outcome seemed to be more focused and learner centered.

Timothy Leyh, Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) Executive Director
University at Buffalo

  • Along with other highly respected institutions, UB responded to a competitive project call solicited by the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago. At this level, we knew we had to construct one heck of a convincing approach in order to win the opportunity to develop and deliver this workforce development MOOC on Coursera’s platform. We did it! A ten-course MOOC focused on inspiring a new generation and building excitement for methods and technologies of Industry 4.0.

  • The grant award was only the beginning. Design, content, videos, students, faculty, subject matter experts, b-roll, motion graphics, still imagery, assessments, internal and external reviews, marketing, and so much more had to be established and organized. Although we had no experience with the intricacies of the platform, the team agreed to an aggressive schedule. After a couple of months, the specialization was launched with the first three courses. The team developed and launched the remaining seven courses, one per month.

  • This team of dedicated UB professionals pushed themselves and one another to achieve greatness, and they did it with respect, grace, humor, and modesty. We made friends. It was a tremendous experience and one I will embrace forever as the first, of what I hope to be hundreds, of times when an expert team pulls together and delivers a quality MOOC to enhance the future.

Dr. Margaret “Meg” Schedel, Associate Professor of Music / cDACT, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Music, President of the Arts and Sciences Senate
Stony Brook University

  • Using the MOOC to flip my classroom exposed my students to a global classroom and showed them what students were able to do without having any direct interaction with the professors. It inspired them to do better work and engaged them with a larger community. I would do it again for any introductory course.

Dr. Valeri “Val” Chukhlomin, Academic Coordinator, Business, Management and Economics / Saratoga Springs
Empire State College

  • Being on Coursera means competing with Ivy League institutions; once you have made it, it does feel good! But the burden is tremendous; a lot of additional work is necessary to make sure that the latest research on the subject is incorporated or accurately acknowledged. 10-20% of your students may already have PhDs; this kind of exposure and pressure is unprecedented in my educator’s life.

  • Remember that if you accept development money from Coursera, it is not a grant; they operate in a 24/7 Silicon Valley culture and you need a good team who can consistently support you for the duration.  Like working with any development project, things will go wrong.  Be ready for that and plan accordingly.  Coursera’s platform is not as static or the same as an LMS, a good instructional team makes all the difference!

  • Commitment is key! You’ll be engaging in a year-long journey that is both scary (think “Naked and Afraid”), and simultaneously cool and enriching. Our team wanted to prove that we could convert good ideas into courses; but I was fortunate to have capable team mates, and the college supported us.

Erin K. O’Hara-Leslie, CMA (AAMA) MS Ed., Chair, Medical Assisting and Health Studies
Broome Community College

  • What a journey!  This was a tremendous amount of work – more than we could have imagined – but the end result of Foundations for Assisting in Home Care left us in total awe!  There was no way to predict that this course would reach learners in over 100 countries!

  • We are so proud of the finished product and thrilled to log in to Coursera and see our course surrounded by Ivy League Institutions.

  • We successfully realized the intent of the course by developing a workforce development path, but the learner stories made us realize that we had a huge impact on the lives of family members seeking care taking guidance to support home-bound family members.  Knowing that we have helped people from around the globe, is simply amazing, and we would do it all over again!