Getting Started

Massive Open Online Courses – MOOCs – “are a team sport” – instructors must lead campus-based support teams for success!

Are MOOCs for me?

  1. Start with Faculty FAQ’s
  2. Use your campus email address to create a Coursera Account
  3. Browse current Coursera offerings to determine how your course will be unique!
  4. Email the SUNY Help Desk to be added to a Faculty Development Course to “test drive” platform features AND enable you to self-enroll in Coursera 101, designed to help faculty and support staff create engaging content.
  5. Join the “MOOCshake” to receive SUNY Coursera announcements and updates.
  6. Read through SUNY Colleague Testimonials

Moving from Exploration to Creation

  1. Complete this form to start the on boarding process – it guides what’s needed at the campus level to get started.  Once received, a member of the SUNY-Coursera Partnership team will schedule a conference call to discuss options.

Coursera’s “Getting Started” Resources

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact:
Open SUNY Support Services HelpDesk
1-844-673-6786 |