Collecting and analyzing data since 1998 from SLN and now online faculty and students, Open SUNY Online Teaching facilitates and supports a research agenda to provide a theoretical framework and context for our work, and informs and serves as a foundation on which we base our work.

Simply stated we seek to better understand how to teach and learn well online. Over the years we have explored online faculty and student perceptions, satisfaction, the community of inquiry model (including teaching presence and learner presence) faculty motivations, and we are currently exploring the formation of faculty attitudes toward online teaching.

A nationally recognized and well-cited body of scholarly work has contributed to the understanding of effective practices in how people teach and learn well online. We have developed an organic model that combines theory with practice to test, learn, and improve Open SUNY Online Teaching faculty/ID development activities, processes, resources and models.

Every SUNY campus is empowered with self-serve access to individual campus results, as well as to aggregate results of our studies. The IRB for this work is through the University at Albany. The lead researcher is Dr. Peter Shea, who 15 years of experience leading SLN/Open SUNY Online Teaching research projects.

We disseminate the results of our work in a number of ways:

  • Links can be found here to resent presentations.
  • Presentation of the results of the Open SUNY Online Teaching research to the SUNY community regularly at CIT, the summit, and at community call meetings.
  • The results of research conducted on behalf of and in collaboration with Open SUNY Online Teaching presented and published regularly nationally and internationally

Campus access to the Open SUNY Research portal, where campus longitudinal survey results, as well as all the aggregated reports of SUNY campus participants in the Open SUNY Online Teaching surveys, can be found here:

Campuses can opt to participate in Open SUNY Online Teaching research projects. For more information on how to participate, or access campus reports:

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