NMC Campus Leaders Advisory Board (C-LAB)

Position Summary:
Fifteen leaders from across the SUNY system, who are involved in the planning, implementation, or support of educational technology projects to serve on the NMC Campus Leaders Advisory Board (C-LAB), an NMC leadership team.

As the NMC’s “ear to the ground,” C-LAB members are engaged regularly for their insights and opinions. Their collective voice is a driving force behind the NMC’s strategic planning and programmatic directions.

Essential Functions:

  • Advisory Board — Helping to ensure the timeliness and relevance of NMC programs and activities.
  • Leadership — Attending special C-LAB meetings (virtual and physical) and contributing insights about innovative practice at your institution.
  • Communications — Routinely sharing NMC news and other relevant information across departments at your institution.

Time Commitment:
This role will require a very low time commitment, but along with the NMC Campus Liaisons, C-LAB members will have considerable influence and will assume a major role in helping NMC fulfill the NMC’s organizational mission.

For a list of current Open SUNY COTE NMC members and C-LAB members, visit the NMC Open SUNY COTE page.

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