Open SUNY Strategic Plan Goals & Strategies

Word cloud of NYSThe following goals and strategies are aligned with the Open SUNY Vision and Mission that were developed to advance online learning at both the campus and system level with a primary emphasis on the Completion Agenda.

Goal #1: Build supports and resources for students, faculty and campuses to promote individualized education with online learning opportunities to assist students in achieving their academic goals.
• Improve the capability to attract, enroll, and retain post-traditional online learners across all sectors and online delivery models.
• Promote individualized and non-traditional educational opportunities to assist students in meeting their educational goals.
• Expand collaborative models with student service and enrollment initiatives.
• Expand faculty and staff access to effective online teaching practices and other resources to support online faculty.
• Promote OER initiatives/services and other curricular innovations that help students with financial, academic, and life-management challenges.

Goal #2: Facilitate innovation to enable the strategic growth of online learning throughout SUNY.
• Promote Open SUNY, the work of the Communities of Practice, and effective practices in online education to broad audiences.
• Leverage funding through IITG and SUNY Investment Fund to promote innovation for the advancement of online learning across SUNY.
• Work with online campus leaders to conduct or promote participation in research, inform best practices across sectors, and provides guidance for Open SUNY goals and strategies.

Goal #3: Promote sustainability of campus online learning initiatives through strategic planning, effective use of data, change management, and allocation of resources.
• Promote blended and cross campus models to support integrated space planning and cost effective delivery systems.
• Focus on degrees and credentials that transfer or provide an iterative pathway to workforce development and support continuing education needs of NYS employers.
• Facilitate research related to flexible learning environments (including virtual) spaces, OER implementation, and non-traditional delivery models.
• Work with campuses to identify and promote technology related green initiatives for the creation and delivery of online content.
• Facilitate strategic change management through campus consulting engagements and building a change management CoP for campus leaders and thought leadership stakeholders.

Goal #4: Foster strategic business partnerships to expand online learning opportunities to regional, national and global learners.
• Evaluate vendor relationships to maximize buying power for SUNY campuses.
• Work with SUNY System Administration offices responsible for workforce and economic development to establish a partnership model and process for the inclusion of online learning in SUNY partnership opportunities.
• Maintain and grow relationships with organizations supporting the scaling and continuous improvement of competency development as well as innovations in online teaching and learning.
• Support entrepreneurial partnerships with non-SUNY institutions/systems and organizations to promote and benefit SUNY.