Engagements During the development of Open SUNY, the team hit the road to hear from faculty and students from across the SUNY system about how Open SUNY could work for them. A listing of our previous engagements, webinars, and upcoming events can be found by clicking the “Engagements” button.

Webinars The Open SUNY team is always looking for feedback and questions on the development and implementation of Open SUNY. Webinars are just one of many ways we hope to hear from the SUNY community. Information about upcoming webinars can be found by clicking the “Webinars” button.

General FAQs Have general questions about the Open SUNY effort? Our Open SUNY general FAQs may have the answer you are looking for. If not, feel free to submit a question using our Tell Us page.

MOOC FAQs Have questions specifically about MOOCs? The Provost’s Open SUNY Advisory Committee developed an FAQ specifically focused on MOOCs and SUNY’s partnership with Coursera. You view our MOOC FAQs by clicking the “MOOC FAQs” button.