Resources for Participating Colleges

SUNY will provide the following resources to each college in a participating cohort:

  • Professional Development: SUNY will provide NY-based trainings (in addition to those offered by Carnegie in California); the opportunity to observe Quantway classrooms at other SUNY colleges; and assistance from Liaisons throughout the SUNY system who have experience in launching, teaching, and supporting the Pathways.
  • Campus Innovation Grants: SUNY will provide participating colleges with a one-time start-up grant ($20,000) to cover expenses related to implementing and scaling Quantway/Statway, including release time, stipends, supplies, etc.
  • Travel Funding: SUNY will provide participating colleges with travel funds to reimburse faculty, administrators, advisors, or tutors who participate in Quantway/Statway professional development.
  • Carnegie Networked Improvement Community (NIC) Fee: SUNY will provide each participating college with funding to pay Carnegie a one-time fee ($20,000) for inclusion in the national NIC. Once a college is part of the NIC, it receives access to a variety of professional development and resources offered by Carnegie.
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