SUNY’s Pathways for Student Success


The State University of New York (SUNY) is committed to dramatically increasing the completion and success of its students. As part of that focus, SUNY has adopted evidence-based student success strategies with the potential to scale and spread on a system level. Examples of such models in which SUNY has invested include: Carnegie’s Quantway/Statway Math Pathways, developmental English co-requisite models, Guided Pathways, and Wraparound Student Services, as well as additional support for technical degree pathways and support for pathways to technology early college high schools.

These success of these initiatives is due in large part to the involvement of SUNY’s dedicated faculty. Their advocacy, leadership, and enduring support have been essential in implementing and scaling these strategies and ultimately contributing to greater success and completion rates for thousands of students across the state.

For instance, faculty members have been involved in the implementation of Carnegie Math Pathways from its earliest stages. In 2012, Quantway was piloted by five faculty members at two community colleges. Their efforts and insight were essential in introducing the Math Pathways to  faculty at other institutions, and as a result, SUNY was able to secure $3.3 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and SUNY Investment Fund to scale Quantway/Statway to any SUNY college that chose to implement these courses. Furthermore, many of the faculty from colleges that adopted the Pathways early on have now become mentors and trainers to new colleges and have played a central role in developing a professional development hub for the SUNY network.

We are thrilled to now have a network of 21 two- and four-year colleges teaching Quantway and Statway, led by more than 200 faculty, administrators, advisors, and tutors. These colleagues are transforming developmental mathematics for thousands of students across the state and leading the nation’s first system-wide scale of the Carnegie Math Pathways.

Working together, we can do so much to help our students and strengthen our colleges. We thank all of our faculty, administrators, and staff for their commitments, and we look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and improve so that we can ensure greater academic success for all our students.


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Johanna Duncan-Poitier

Senior Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges & the Education Pipeline