Workshops & Trainings

Upcoming Events

SUNY Spring Forum, June 8-10, 2018 (Saratoga Springs, NY)

The SUNY Spring Forum dives into the Quantway/Statway curricula and provides faculty, administrators, and advisors with the resources and training needed to effectively launch and teach the Pathways. It also provides a select number of enrichment sessions for faculty who are already teaching the Pathways. More details are coming soon!

Carnegie Math Pathways National Forum, July 12-15, 2018 (San Jose, CA)

This Forum gathers the national Pathways community and welcomes newcomers to share and learn about how Statway and Quantway are improving math outcomes for students.

Past Events

2016 SUNY Pathways Fall Institute: Hear from faculty members, administrators, and a student about their experience with Quantway/Statway as they discuss:

  • How Quantway differs from a traditional math classroom (2:40)
  • Co-teaching Quantway (6:31)
  • Quantway from a student’s perspective (11:10)
  • Faculty response to Quantway (13:58)
  • Scaling Quantway (17:05)
  • The similarities and differences between Quantway and Statway (25:57)

  • 2016 SUNY Pathways Fall Institute: Keynote speaker Karen B. Givvin, Ph.D., UCLA, describes the research that was used to inform design decisions in the development of the Pathways curricula: