Learning Activity Overview

The Learning Activities in this course are designed to guide you to reflect on your thoughts around your own perceptions and make connections to your learning. You will be asked to engage in a learning community by sharing some of your learning activities with other course participants, intended to foster a collaborative, social learning experience.

To earn a badge or completion certificate that recognizes and affirms your evidence of learning in this course, you will be asked to complete the following learning activities:

Graphical representation of a journalREFLECTIVE JOURNALS

Participants will be asked to keep an ongoing reflective journal using a blog. Participants can choose the blog platform, but must make the URL available to the course participants by posting the URL in the Workplace group discussion for each journal assignment.

Alternately, participants can elect to use the Doc feature in the Workplace group for this course instead of creating a blog. In the Workplace group, go to Files, then click “Create Doc”.

Participants are encouraged to read and respond to blog posts from their peers as a way to further examine their own beliefs, impressions and ideas and contribute to the larger class conversation. There will be three reflective journal assignments in this course.

graphical representation of discussionDISCUSSIONS

Content-related discussion prompts will be posted in the Workplace group for this course to stimulate thought and share impressions as the course progresses. In addition, there will be one required discussion as part of the course learning activities. The intention here is to create conversation around Open Pedagogy perspectives and practice and share ideas. Participants can also start discussions in the Workplace group, and are encouraged to do so.

graphical representation of an assignmentASSIGNMENTS

You will be asked to produce evidence of your learning in two assignments, one visual and one as a blog post. These will be shared in the Workplace group and open to peer feedback.

graphical representation of trophyCAPSTONE PROJECT

The capstone course project is designed to provide deeper reflection and connect to evidence of your learning. After engaging in all course content, including the completion of all reflective journals, discussions and course assignments, choose one of the options below to complete.

  1. Read through these case studies and create your own, detailing a description of your course and the specific assignment on your blog. Share the blog URL as a comment to the post in the Workplace discussion group.
    – OR –
  2. Contribute to the BCCampus Open Pedagogy Examples collection project. Include a reflective journal on your blog describing what you added to the project collection and articulating how it is an example of Open Pedagogy. Share the blog URL as a comment to the post in the Workplace discussion group.
    – OR –
  3. Create a course revision planning map to show how you will revise your course to incorporate Open Pedagogy. You can choose to use the sample course blueprint template or select another tool from the list on page 1 of the blueprint. In a blog post, provide a few bullet points describing your course revisions and share the blog URL as a comment to the post in the Workplace discussion group.

Additional Course Activities

Listly logoONGOING COURSE RESOURCE CURATION (SUNY Community Course Cohorts Only)

As you engage with the course material and discover additional resources, use the Listly below to add research/articles/examples you come across during the course as a way to collaboratively curate additional content with other course participants around Open Pedagogy. Sign in details for the Listly account will be posted in the course Workplace group.

To access the Listly Curated Resources: https://list.ly/l/2HYP

graphical representation of webinarSYNCHRONOUS MEETUPS

There will be two synchronous meetups using the Zoom platform. These are open sessions where the course facilitator will be available for questions about course content, learning activities, or to discuss ideas.

You are encouraged to attend both sessions, but only one is required.

These meetups will be posted as events in the Workplace group for the course and recordings will be made available.

Creative Commons CC BY License ImageUnless otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.