Reframing Pedagogy

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Knowledge management is a key skill needed in a digital age. This requires us to examine the way we ask students to engage in content. It may be better to enable students to find, analyze, evaluate and apply content than for instructors to do it for them. If most content is available elsewhere, students will look to instructors to support their learning, rather than deliver the content.

This means directing them to appropriate sources of content, helping when students are struggling with concepts, and providing opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and to develop and practice skills. It means giving prompt and relevant feedback as students need it. It means creating a rich environment that moves teaching from information transmission to knowledge management, and from selecting, structuring and delivering content to learner support. We want students to be changing the world, not just training for the world.

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The Skills Needed in a Digital Age

“Open” is a purposeful path towards connection and community. Open pedagogy could be considered a blend of strategies, technologies, and networked communities that make the process and products of education more transparent, understandable, and available to all the people involved.

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Reflective Journal: Entry #1
Examining Beliefs

GUIDELINES: Think about your own beliefs. In a journal entry on your blog, create a post that reflects on the following thought prompts. Be sure to post your blog URL as a comment to the post in the Workplace discussion group.

  • What are your hopes for education, particularly for higher education?
  • What vision do you work toward when you design your daily professional practices in and out of the classroom?
  • How do you see the roles of the learner and the teacher?
  • What challenges do your students face in their learning environments, and how does your pedagogy address them?

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